procida camp & resort

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procida camp & resort

Enjoy the spirit of camping, with the comfort of a luxury hotel in the heart of a mediterranean island.

A garden in the heart of Procida, where you can find the tranquillity and calmness of the south.

We’ve taken La Dolce Vita and brought it alive.

The Procida Camp & Resort is about reimagining the way you experience the outdoors.

Less than an hour away by boat from the hustle and bustle of Naples, Procida Camp & Resort is situated on the island of Procida.

Off the beaten track this little gem has remained virtually untouched.

Four different types of modern and beautifully designed lodges and tents.

In the south of Italy, on Procida, 5 minutes from the beach.

You find the comfort of an hotel, while being in touch with nature.