sea festival

The history and destiny of Procida are strongly linked to the sea surrounding, and it could not be otherwise.

The Sea Festival was born in 1939, and it is one of the most important popular events in Italy, an unmissable event of summer, since over a century and a half.

The event lasts three days, these days are entirely dedicated to the sea, which is,still today, the main economic resource of the island.

The Sea Festival is dedicated to the sea and "its people".

It involves emeritus characters from the world of culture, entertainment and art, through conferences, exhibitions, debates, games, commemorations, concerts, happenings of painters, musicians, poets, all of them reunited under a single big basic theme: the sea.

The festival concludes with the election of the Graziella, one of the most famous and appreciated costume festivals, in Italy and abroad.

The myth, the story of Graziella, a woman in which the island is now identified (the Island of Graziella) was born from the pen and the heart of the French writer Alphonse de Lamartine.

The myth of Graziella relives, from year to year, during the Sea Festival, when the girl (strictly Procidian) that best reflects the characteristics, both physical and moral, of the Lamartinian character, is elected.

The girls, who take part in the event, wear the original Procidian dress called "greek-dress", with golden embroidery, as described in the novel.