arturo's island

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arturo's island

Arturo's Island is a 1962 film directed by Damiano Damiani, based on the novel of the same name by Elsa Morante.

The film won the Concha de Oro for the best film at the San Sebastián International Film Festival in 1962.

Plot: Arturo is a fifteen year old boy.

Knows nothing of the world outside of his small island, that is Procida.

From birth he lives only: he is orphan of mother and the father Wilhelm makes only rare visits.

One day Wilhelm returns home, accompanied by the sweet Nunziata, married a few hours earlier in Naples.

From this second marriage a child is born.

Meanwhile, Arturo falls in love with Nunziata.

The emigrant Wilhelm, on the other hand, is bound by a murky sentiment at to a guy named Tonino Stella, which is held in the local prison.

At the time of release, Tonino is the guest of Wilhelm, who is beaten and robbed his protégé before the final separation.

At this point, Nunziata takes back in fist the situation to reconstruct a serene future with her husband and his child.

Arturo, made man from these experiences so crude, leaves the island.

Genre: Dramatic.

Year: 1962.

Direction: Damiano Damiani.

Actors: Vanni De Maigret, Reginald Kernan, Key Meersman.