bar roma

For about a century the Bar Roma has been the most popular meeting point of Procida, also thanks to its splendid position, in the center of the marina of "Sènt 'Cò".

From the post-war period to the fifties it was not uncommon to find yourself sitting there reading the newspaper, personalities of the caliber of Prince Junio Valerio Borghese and of the writers Alberto Moravia and Elsa Morante.

Sitting at the tables of this place has always been a great excuse to watch the people walking around the harbor.

Since the seventies it began to function as a pastry shop thanks to the new owner of that time, Pasquale Mazziotti, inventor of the famous "Lingua di Bue" which quickly became a sweet "cult" of Procida.

The Lingua di Bue owes its name to the particular shape that recalls the language of the ox, but it is also called "Lingua di Suocera" perhaps by some daughter-in-law or by some son-in-law who did not see his acquired relative too favorably.

The Lingua di Bue is a dessert that with its external crunchy puff pastry contains a delicious cream, more typical if made of lemon, to lick your fingers.

Currently, under the new management of the cousins Ignazio and Michele, the restaurant has become one of the landmarks of the Procidan and Neapolitan pastry, and their famous "Lingua di Procida" has been given the recognition DE.CO. Municipal designation.