i swear that i love you

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i swear that i love you

I swear I love you is a 1986 film directed and starring Nino D'Angelo.

Plot: Discharged from jail for crimes of scarce relief, the young Nino Esposito receives from Don Vito, the boss of the camorra, a completely unexpected gift: an old fishing -boat adapted especially for him.

Therefore Nino installs in a shack by the sea along with Masaniello, an orphaned of 7 years son of a local prostitute, bound by deep affection and, hired some helpers resumes work.

He Is in love with Maruzzella, the young daughter of the head syndicalist of the fishermen of the island who he does not want to give her for him in bride.

A complaint made to the authorities, it removes from Nino the baby care, which will be hosted in an Institute of nuns.

But, Masaniello fled to a stormy night and he will be hided by Nino on the boat.

Meanwhile, Don Vito asks to cut in sea all networks of the various boats, in order to have a nice stretch of clear sea at its disposal for shady dealings (drug) that is involved.

Esposito opposes a clean refusal and the boss makes him undermine the boat.

Freed child courageously, Nino launches boat against boat of Don Vito and blows up.

As a reward, Nino gets married with Maruzzella and as a gift by the fishermen he has a new boat, beyond that the entrustment of the beloved Masaniello.

Genre: Comedy.

Year: 1986.

Direction: Nino D'Angelo.

Actors: Nino D'Angelo, Roberta Olivieri.