piazza dei martiri

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piazza dei martiri

Piazza dei Martiri is situated in the historical centre and it was theatre of hope and repression of the 1799.

Here, the revolutionists of the island hoisted up the tree of Freedom, with red, yellow and blue colours.

The revolt was bloodily repressed by the Bourbons and by the English soldiers.

First they conquered the island and then Naples.

The English navy commanded by the admiral Nelson successfully fought against the Neapolitan Republican Ships, commanded by the admiral Francesco Caracciolo.

To remember the reactionary fury, in the square, there is a memorial stele of the gentlemen, the owners and priests, who have been murdered for having given their contribution to the republican government.

At the centre of the square there is the monument dedicated to Antonio Scialoja (1896), famous orator, politician, literate, senator of the Kingdom of Italy and Minister of Education.

Near Piazza dei Martiri there is the "Vigna" area, so-called for her ancient cultivation of vines, and also the "Casale Vascello", so-called for its form, made of three-level-buildings, around a locked and open court.

At the end of the square, there is the Church of Madonna delle Grazie (XVII century), that was built on the summit the rock, which closes the port of Marina Corricella.

From the church the view let you see the landscape goes from Punta dei Monaci to Punta Pizzaco, from East to the West.

The construction of the dome of the church for many years has been not allowed by the noble family De Iorio, owner of the homonym palace, situated behind the church, because it would have hidden from the view the sea under their balconies.