saint thomas aquinas

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saint thomas aquinas

In Marcello Scotti Street, 320 feet away from Callìa, there is a church dedicated to Saint Thomas Aquinas.

The Church is under the control of the Confraternity of the Immaculate or of the Turchini (co-called for their silk mozzetta).

The church has a valuable wooden sculpture of Christ, made in 1728 by the Neapolitan sculptor, Carmine Lantriceno.

In this sculpture Our Lord is represented at the moment of the deposition of the Cross, He is supine on a table, with his head resting on a pillow.

This extraordinary work closes the Good Friday holy procession (the traditional procession of the "Mysteries"), and its passage is always accompanied by the tears of emotion of the faithful islanders.

The church was built in 1885 on commission of Angiolino Scotti.

The building has a Greek cross, surmounted by a dome.

Its façade on via Marcello Scotti Street, is characteristic. The entrance is preceded by a pronaos with four columns.