bar ristorante la graziella

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bar ristorante la graziella

The small port of Corricella is one of the most beautiful places and you’ll have there an unforgettable experience

Colored houses, moored fishing boats, nets drying in the sun, the scent of flowers and sea breezes create a picture of extreme beauty.

The discomfort of the steep steps is amply repaid by the peace and beauty of the place.

In this wonderful postcard we find the Bar Ristorante Graziella.

A nice trattoria, with family management, where with kindness and hospitality serves authentic flavors of the past.

The menu is varied, but all dishes are made with only local products.

Spaghetti lemons and anchovies, frying paranza and caprese with lemon are just some of the dishes offered by the restaurant.

Besides the quality, well proportioned to the price, the portions size won’t disappoint you.