most saint annunziata

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most saint annunziata

The Church of SS. Annunziata (Madonna della Libera) is located in via SS. Annunziata, not far from Piazza San Giacomo.

We believe that it was built by the Benedictine monks on the foundations of a pre-existing chapel in 1521, in any case it owes its current artistic architectural aspect of the reconstruction wore carried out in the seventeenth century.

The religious building has a Latin cross layout with an interior occupied by three naves, the central one of which houses the main altar with a marble shrine in which the painting depicting the Annunciation dated from the eighteenth century is kept.

The work depicts the Archangel Gabriel holding a lily which prostrates itself to the Madonna.

Also splendid is the Chapel of the Madonna della Libera built in 1833 where a wooden statue of the Virgin (19th century) dominates.