the postman

Il postino is a 1994 film directed by Michael Radford and Massimo Troisi.

Last performance by Massimo Troisi, who died in his sleep only a few hours after the end of filming; the film is inspired by Neruda's postman (Ardiente paciencia), a novel written by the Chilean Antonio Skármeta.

Plot: On an island in the south of Italy, in 1948, the exiled chilean Poet Pablo Neruda, takes fled with the young and passionate consort Matilde.

The unemployed Mario, son of a fisherman with poor vocation for the sea, does not seems real to accept the post of auxiliary postman from the office manager, Giorgio, militant Communist.

He only has to hand over the poet's rich correspondence, of which begins to read the "Canto General", and with which little by little, asking him questions about his "Ars poetica", establishes a relationship of friendship.

The poet receives for his birthday a message recorded by the Chile and makes carving on the dictaphone a greeting for his friends to Mario who that as thing more beautiful of the island cites Beatrice Russo, the young barmaid that has fallen in love and who manages to conquer with the "metaphors" learnt by the poet, who has even accompanied the young man to the tavern, dedicating in public a poetry to him.

Beatrice, fascinated, in spite of the prohibition of the aunt to review it again, gives herself to Mario and to the reparative wedding.

Neruda is the witness, despite the reservations of the curate.

Meanwhile the exile is revoked and the poet can return to their homeland.

Five years pass and Mario follows the vicissitudes of the illustrious friend upon newsreels and on the radio, but the only sign is the letter of the secretary of the poet who asks for the books and items left on the island, where, thanks to a member of the Christian Democrat Party of Cosimo, have finally begun the work of the aqueduct.

Mario, who is expecting a son, records for the distant friend the noises of the island, the voice of the sea and the wind, and the heartbeat of the unborn child.

But after the victory of the Christian Democracy, jobs are interrupted, and Mario is increasingly engaged in the communist party.

Five years later, Neruda and his wife come again in the osteria of Beatrice, and find there Pablito, the son of Mario.

But the latter did not even seen the birth: died in Rome during a rally in which was to read a poem in honor of Neruda.

Genre: Dramatic, Sentimental.

Year: 1994.

Direction: Michael Radford, Massimo Troisi.

Actors: Philippe Noiret, Massimo Troisi, Maria Grazia Cucinotta.