bar dal cavaliere

traduci in italiano

bar dal cavaliere

"Dal Cavaliere" is the historic pastry bar of the island of Procida located in the main square of the Marina Grande harbor.

The scent of warm croissants and coffee that invades the square from the early morning invites you to sit in the spacious outdoor room and enjoy the excellent Italian-style breakfast with the attractive variety of desserts strictly home-made.

An obligatory stop for those visiting Procida and wanting to (must) try the excellent "Lingue di Bue", the traditional dessert of the island prepared with puff pastry filled with classic pastry cream, flavored with lemon or chocolate.

The atmosphere immediately becomes more lively during the aperitif, when the place is filled with guests who want to enjoy drinks from international classic recipes and island variations, accompanied by delicious snacks.

The atmosphere is truly unique on Sunday mornings, when the square is populated by people of all ages who, like a tradition, pass by the Cavaliere to bring home the excellent desserts of the historic pastry shop.

Occasionally live music nights of various genres and DJ sets are organized.