francesca and nunziata

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francesca and nunziata

Francesca and Nunziata is a 2002 television movie directed by Lina Wertmüller, based on the novel by Maria Orsini Natale.

The director had read the book even before it was published and managed to get Sophia Loren to act in Italy after several years of absence.

By the way Loren also sings a song in the titles.

Plot: The little girl Nunziata, an orphan of 8 years is adopted by Mrs Francesca, the wife of Prince Giordano Montorsi.

Francesca is a strong woman and alters that holds the reins of the family's pasta factory alone, a source of livelihood for the whole family, able to give orders and to communicate with others his passion for the job.

Francesca Giordano have nine children, but none of them gets involved in maternal passion for pasta and grain processing, only Nunziata since childhood is closely monitoring the maneuvers and the orders of the adoptive mother.

The strong character of Francesca, though, dismisses day after day by her husband, that you feel relegated to an inferior and judged incapable of making the right decisions.

The failure of their marriage affects the mood of Francesca, who begins to ignore the pasta factory and leave it in the hands of Nunziata has become great.

During World War I, however, Giordano due to some bad investments, is hit by a financial collapse and falls into ruin. Disappointed again by himself, Jordan takes her own life.

Will once again be Nunziata, who loves without being reciprocated the firstborn of Montorsi, Federico, to take over the reins of the family and to give Francesca the will to survive and to revive the family from decay.

Genre: Dramatic.

Year: 2001.

Direction: Lina Wertmüller.

Actors: Sophia Loren, Giancarlo Giannini, Claudia Gerini, Raoul Bova.