Graziella was filmed in 1955 directed by Giorgio Bianchi, based on the autobiographical novel with the same name by Alphonse de Lamartine.

Plot: One evening in 1821, Alfonse de Lamartine, is in Naples, host of his uncle, joins two fishermen, that practise the fishing with the "lamps".

​Surprised by a storm, the three men are able to land on the island of Procida, where Alfonso is hosted by the skipper, Andrea, who lives with his wife and niece Graziella.

During the night the storm destroys the boat of Andrea; but Alfonso bring hope in the poor house, giving his guest a new boat.

In the past days in Procida, Alfonso has got to know Graziella simple and romantic maiden, and between the two young men sprang a sweet feeling.

Recalled by his uncle, Alfonso leaves for Naples, promising to return; but in the meantime Graziella is urged to get engaged to his cousin Cecco.

Alfonso having met to Naples Andrea and his wife, he returns with them in Procida, where Graziella should solemnly promise him to his cousin but the young girl has disappeared: Alfonso will find her in the hermit's hut, which Graziella has engraved for him on the cameo offered him as a souvenir.

Alfonso decides to marry Graziella; but is forced to come back to Paris.

In the long wait Graziella runs out.

Recalled by a desolate letter, Alfonso returns in Procida but Graziella is dead.

Genr: Sentimental.

Year: 1954.

Direction: Giorgio Bianchi.

Actors: Maria Fiore, Jean-Pierre Mocky.