saint mary of graces

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saint mary of graces

The Church of St. Mary of Graces is located in Piazza dei Martiri (Martyr Square), under the slope, which leads us to Terra Murata.

It was built in 1679 on commission of the archbishop Innico Caracciolo.

For its construction, was used the remained material of a pre-existing chapel of 1521, dedicated to Our Lady of Graces.

The baroque-style religious building has a Greek cross with an ampler, and inside transversal arm of eighteenth-century tendency.

The entrance is dominated by the choir and on the left there is another entrance, which leads us to the sacristy.

The main aisle, embellished with floral designs, leads us to the central altar, where stands the canvas of the Lady, decorated with old and silver in 1854 by the inhabitants of the island, to thank the Virgin for having freed Procida from the plague.

In the church there is also another work of art: a series of crown, to commemorate the year in which the church was elevated to Santuario Mariano, in occasion of the liturgical function, presided by the Cardinal Ascalesi.

Other four altars - dedicated to St. Joseph, St. Mary Goretti, St. Francis of Assisi and Our Lady of Sorrows - and a painting depicting the Immaculate - St. Lucy and St. Gaetano da Tiene, of the eighteenth century, located in the sacristy – complete the sacred heritage of the church.