il piccolo forno senza glutine

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il piccolo forno senza glutine

With "Il Piccolo Forno Senza Glutine", in Via Vittorio Emanuele, entrepreneurship is up to Procida very high peaks of creativity and passion.

An entrepreneurial initiative that started with a market analysis, focused on the knowledge of the needs and needs of customers, combined with the exercise of an ancient and noble art: bread making.

Francesco Proietti and his wife Bianca Di Finizio have studied and prepared to take this path.

Now for health reasons, gluten-free products have a very interesting market, procidans (and not only), who need or choose them, are always more.

Franco is not looking at the profit, his boutique is open for half a day.

Franco is careful, instead, to his bread with sesame seeds, mini baguettes, pizza, focaccia, muffins, croissants, cartons, deglutinated wheat starch clogs, teff and lentils, buckwheat sandwiches, homemade bread with sourdough ...

Every day there is something new , absolutely delicious and, of course, gluten free.