hooded apostles

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apostoli incappucciati

On the evening of Holy Thursday, the evocative procession of the Hooded Apostles takes place.

Twelve confreres of the Congregation of the Whites, wearing their fraternity dress, during the solemn Mass, celebrate the ritual of the Lavender of the Feet.

At the end of the Mass, the apostles wear their hood and, with a cross on their shoulders and a crown of thorns on the head, proceed in procession accompanied by the figure of the "centurion", the ushers, the remaining participants of the confraternity and other men belonging to other confraternities, that parade with large candles in their hands.

During the procession, the apostles stop in a pre-established church for the ritual of the Last Supper.

The apostles, sit along a large table, consume a fleeting meal of vegetables, roasted fish, lamb, unleavened bread and wine.