islet of vivara

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islet of vivara

The islet of Vivara, with a surface of only 0.4 miles², is a little pearl in the Gulf of Naples.

It is connected to the island by a bridge, re-built since few time.

His name derives from the Latin language "vivarium", that means: place where the animals live.

The service of guided tours is now available thanks to the Municipality of Procida, that organize the visits.

In 2002, by a decree of the Minister for the Environment, the island has become a State Natural Reserve.

Vivara has archaeological, artistic and architectural value thanks to both the presence of artefacts of the Mycenaean civilisation “people of the sea” and the Bourbon architecture with the complex of the "Casino di Caccia Borbonico" and the pre-existing Casa Colonica of 1681, a vinarium and an oil mill.

The islet is a little piece of heaven on earth, a small green lung in the Mediterranean, consisting largely of holm oaks, myrtles and strawberry trees.

Vivara is incorporated to the island of Procida and it represents an important resource of both natural and landscape value, thanks to its natural habitat and its biodiversity of both flora and fauna.