green go rental ebike

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green go rental ebike

GreenGo Rental E-Bike represents a turning point for transport in an island like Procida, where there are numerous ascents and descents, which make it more difficult to use a classic bicycle.

The rental of electric pedal assisted bikes is the best way to visit Procida and enjoy its beauties!

In Procida, pedal assisted cycling is increasingly a valid alternative to traditional means of transport: fast journeys without time limits and routes, does not require special efforts, does not pollute, accesses the ztl, does not have the obligation of insurance and of the helmet ... and its cost is sustainable.

With GreenGo the rental can be hourly, daily, or even weekly and monthly.

Contact GreenGo and your electric bicycle will be delivered to you wherever you are.

Same for pickup: you can leave your bike wherever you are, the Green Go will come to pick it up.