d'avalos palace

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d'avalos palace

The D’Avalos Castle is a monumental complex, located in the area of Terra Murata.

It has been built in 1563 by the Cardinal of Aragon Innico D’Avalos (Abbot of San Michele Arcangelo) and integrated in 1744 with the Bourbon intervention, in order to make it become Royal Palace.

In 1818 it was used as military school and in 1830 and 1831 was transformed into a prison of the Kingdom of Naples, which was closed in 1988.

In 2013 took place the transfer of the Palace from state control to Municipality’s, in order to implement, - thanks to a Program of Valorisation, still under approval, - its restoration and re- functionalization.

Nowadays, thanks to remedial and safety works, it is possible to visit the Palace.

The former Bourbon Prison – located in the historic centre of Terra Murata, Corricella and Marina Grande - covers an area of approximately 30 thousand Sm q abandoned. Its reuse will have a strong impact for the cultural and tourist development.