marina grande

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marina grande

"Marina Grande" is the only commercial port of the island.

As soon as you disembark from the ferry, you see the Montefusco Palace (XII century) in front of you, also called "Merlato", for the beautiful battlements overlooking the entire building.

In the past it was the summer residence of the king, then an old convent and today it's inhabited by citizens.

Going to the right of the quay, you can reach the locality called "le Grotte" (the Caves), for the numerous caves dug into the tuff to pull boats and now used as warehouses.

After passing the maritime station, the shipyards and the Harbour Master, there is the homonymous beach, separated by a cliff from the one called "Si Lurenza".

Walking along Via Roma, after passing the wooden crucifix of 1845, erected by sailors to witness their great faith, and walking along the old colourful houses, we arrive in the Sent'cò Square (Catholic Sancio) where stands the Church of the Sailors and of St. Maria della Pietà (1616).

Continuing along the quay of the new and modern tourist port, you reach the entrance gate of the school "F. Caracciolo" (which is the oldest nautical institute in Europe, 180 years of history).

Up ahead, the Lingua beach, so-called because of its natural and volcanic nature tip facing north, where there is an iron cross, in order to remember the sinking of barbarian sailboats (1500).