graziella's house

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graziella's house

On the second floor of the “Palazzo della Cultura’ (Former Orfane Conservatory) located in Terra Murata, from 10 June 2011, it is possible to visit the historical reconstruction of the Casa di Graziella (Graziella’s House).

The Museum is the reconstruction of what could have been Graziella's house and has a decor that, although richer than that of a fishermen's house of the time, is composed of authentic nineteenth-century objects.

This museum aims to preserve and pass on the history of Procida to posterity, through the myth of Graziella who lived and died for love.

From 2019 you can access the Panoramic Terrace, the highest point on the island, from where you can admire the places that were writer Elsa Morante’s inspiration while writing the novel "L'isola di Arturo".