marina corricella

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marina corricella

The fishing village of Marina Corricella is most characteristic place of the island.

It is a fishing village, not accessible by cars and scooters, where there is a real agglomeration of houses, one on another, like other Italian localities, which are situated in the coastal zone, but the peculiarity is in the colours of the houses: pastels and earth tones, yellow, rose, light blue, green, white.

This detail was so important for the sailors, in order to recognize their home from afar.

The name Corricella derives from the Latin language "core callos" (beautiful contrada), the same etymology for the name Callìa, which is the upper part.

This village is reachable only by stairways.

The most frequented stairway is the one called "Gradinata del Pennino", the central one, situated in front of the San Rocco church (XV century), at the end of the homonym street.

The Gradinata del Pennino passes through raw houses, in narrow and cramped passages, and takes you to the port of Corricella.

This famous Gradinata was often used as the set of several cinematographic productions.