ristorante caracalè

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ristorante caracalè

Corricella is certainly the area that most contributes at making Procida unique and suggestive.

This is also the oldest settlement on the island, topped by the fortress of the Terra Murata, the last defensive bulwark against Saracen invasions and a refuge for fishermen who shout "Mum invasion!" they ran away to the fortress in search of protection.

That the area is particularly pleasant ,is already evident from its ancient name, Caracalè, which in Greek means "beautiful place" and the restaurant that owes its name , ancient name of the place, Caracalè in fact.

The restaurant is one of those you expect in a position like this: a "room" almost exclusively set up ,the last tables near the water and an impressive menu that depends exclusively on what the fishermen-inhabitants brought that day.

They fish daily with simple and the dishes are simple but tasty.

In this perfect climate it is possible to taste: bonito tartare, spaghetti, shrimp and cherry tomatoes, spaghetti with mussels and artichokes, potato dumpling with lamb ragout, fried calamari with vegetables, rabbit alla procidana, barbecued sarago in a salt crust, lemon pie, babà, cassatina.

And it is precisely here, at the Caracalè, the "beautiful place" is enriched with the goodness and fragrance of the island fish.