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Procida Yachting Club
Marina Chiaiolella (Lato Levante)
80079 Procida (NA)

Tel - Fax   +39  081 810.14.81
Sito web:

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The mooring club, Procida Yachting Club, has at its disposition 70 mooring places for boats from 10-35 metres. Situated to the East of the Marina Chiaiolella port, in a quiet zone, the Yachting Club, is able to offer many services to boat owners: daily, weekly, yearly mooring, night and day security, electricity, water, sanitation services, as well as specialised technical assistence. Mechanics available for all types of motors, also available is assistence for those with wood or fiberglass hulls.
A crane (20 tons) also available; also winter storage of boats.

The staff of the Yacht Club are available to boat owners to help with mooring, and to help in case of bad weather.(using radio VHF channel 11).

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How to reach Procida Yachting Club:

FROM SEA: I pontili galleggianti della Procida Yachting sono situati sul lato destro del porticciolo di Marina Chiaiolella.
FROM LAND: i pontili si trovano sotto alla salita di via Simone Schiano.

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