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Ristorante Scarabeo
Via Salette, 10
80079 Procida (Napoli)
Phone +39 081 896.99.18

Tra i limoni di Procida

On this sunkissed island with its volcanic origins, lemons grow as big as pumpkins. The lemons of Procida, have an interior pulp which is also known as ‘pane’ (bread) or ‘pappa’ (paste) which is eaten in slices or used in salads.

From July 2001 the lemons of Procida, were included in a prestigious list of typical national products.

Many years have passed since 1987 when Francesco Battinelli had the idea to open a restaurant in a Lemon Grove. Today as then, homemade dishes come served under the moonlight, under lovely lemon trellises in a large dining hall. The food is totally traditional, enriched with invention by Paola Battinelli.

Particularly delicious are the ‘Fritelle di basilico’. . The fried basil leaves.

At lunch or dinner, the atmosphere is always welcoming at the Restaurant Scarabeo. The large dining room and carpark make it an ideal location for wedding parties.

Scarabeo - Via Salette, 10 - Procida

How to Reach Restaurant Scarabeo:

The restaurant is in Via Salette 10, in the Ciraccio area, 150 metres from the beach. The bus no. C1 stops 50 metres away.



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