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Nautica Costamare (Mooring Club)
Marina Chiaiolella (Lato Levante)
80079 Procida (NA)

Francesco   tel.   330.81.19.49
Mario            tel.   335.833.41.41
Fax n.          +39   081.896.90.29

Sito web:

Procida Marina Chiaiolella - Nautica Costamare

Nautica Costamare, Thanks to many years of experience, the club offers many services to those who visit the island with their yachts.

The club offers:
* Daily, monthly, seasonal or annual mooring fees, with 24hour security service .
* Anchor logs for bow or stern, plus water and elecricity supplies.
* Special assistence, winter storing facilities (covered and guarded,) cleaning and treatments of bilge hull with anti-rot paint, as well as boat transport within Italy.


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How to reach Nautica Costamare:

FROM SEA:  the pier of Nautica Costamare is easily reached once entering the Port of Marina Chiaiolella.

FROM LAND: the pier is in front of Via Simone Schiano.

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