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La Suite - Hotel & Spa
Via Flavio Gioia, 81
80079  Island of Procida (Napoli)
Ph. 0039 081 810 15 64

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Though it’s Capri and the Amalfi Coast that get the most column inches, there’s plenty else to love about coastal Campania. Up around the other end of the crescent-shaped Bay of Naples is the island of Procida, a little speck of a place, which, while you may find it lacks some of Capri’s geographic drama, if you’re at a point in life where Italian islands seem anything less than extraordinary, then it’s time to start asking some hard questions.

Anyway, even if somehow the jumbled rainbow-hued buildings of Procida aren’t filling you with aesthetic admiration, you’ll find La Suite itself quite difficult to resist. Its contemporary forms are in striking contrast to the rustic old town, as is its setting, in five thousand square meters of private garden. Every luxury hotel claims to be a private oasis, and every modern minimalist hotel presents itself as a little slice of Zen; in La Suite’s case both turn out to be true.

The rooms and suites are stylish in monochrome, more contemporary than classic, and luxe in fittings and furnishings, with an urbane mod-baroque vibe. There’s a spa that’s quite a lot more extensive than you’d perhaps expect from a fifteen-room hotel, an outdoor pool, and a café serving a range of Italian food and wine in a striking white-on-white setting. All in all, a remarkably urbane hotel experience, on an island that’s anything but urban. Beach Access: La Suite is situated near the beach “Il Postino”.

La Suite SPA
Located on the basement and true heart of the hotel and with a surface of 400 sqm, the SPA is a refuge for the body and the spirit, in a harmonious atmosphere that fosters the quest for balance, the SPA offers a collection of contemporary treatments to uplift the spirit, quite the mind and rejeuvenate the body. With three private rooms, a chill-out zone with the meditation beds, the SPA has a peaceful, dreamy and almost cloud-like environment.










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