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Going round the island

Going round the island
Procida: both mermaid and pearl in the Gulf of Naples. An island to discover.

Best images

Images of Procida
Art gallery of the most beautiful and evocative images of the island at www.procida.org

linoblu.gif (97 byte)  City of Procida.

Hotels  - 5 stars
linoblu.gif (97 byte) La Suite Hotel

Hotels  - 3 stars
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Tirreno Residence Hotel
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Savoia Hotel

International Guest House 
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Relax Holiday House

Bed & Breakfast
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Il Gelsomino B&B

   linoblu.gif (97 byte) Graziella Bar Pizzeria

   linoblu.gif (97 byte) Pit Bull Irish Pub

Tourist harbour
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Marina Chiaiolella.  
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Nautica Costamare
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Procida Yachting Club

   linoblu.gif (97 byte) Filottica Sparnelli

    Cultural associations
linoblu.gif (97 byte) ProcidArte
linoblu.gif (97 byte) Ass.Sportiva Taekwondo

Arrival and leave from Procida.

Ferry timetables
All the timings of the ferries and hydrofolis from and to Procida Island.

Hotel & SPA La Suite. Exclusive a Procida.

Hotel La Suite
Hotel & SPA. Holydays, healt and fitness in Procida.

Procida.net.A magical island.

Sofia Loren and Raoul Bova - Massimo Troisi and Philip Noiret

Procida. The best films.
Picturees and news about the best films made on Procida.

Advices for marriage

Advices for couples who are to marry
Everything those getting married need to know!.

  Typical handicraft of island


Ask guide on line. A present from Procida.net
You can receive the guide and the map of Island. Ask it by e-mail  Procidaonline.net

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Best films made on Procida

"Tornando a casa" winner at Venice.

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