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Bar Graziella
Bars/Sandwichshops /Pizzeria’s
Marina Corricella, 14
80079 Procida (Napoli)
Tel. - Fax +39 081 896.74.79


Graziella's Bar by night

‘Graziella’s Bar’, so-named after the immortal heroine in A.D.Lamartine’s novel, is an essential stopping off place, for anyone who visits the little picturesque port of Marina Corricella, where many scenes from big screen movies have been filmed.

The bars’ owner, Vincenzo Piro, (an extra in many of films, including ‘Francesca and Nunziata’, with Sofia Loren) makes a superb ‘Grattata di limone’, a typical crushed-ice drink famous for generations, whilst he recounts his cinematographic experiences. Sitting at the tables directly at the bars’ entrance, clients can try many of the bars’ specialities.

‘Le piadine’ (flatbread sandwiches) are another delicacy created at Graziella’s. Mozzarella ‘doc’, proscuitto and rucola, proscuitto cotto, wurtsel meat and potatoes, sausages, ‘friariella’ peppers, aubergine and mozzarella, are just some of the fillings. Also worth trying are the ‘bruschetta’ with tomato, mozzarella and rucola, tuna, aubergine and peppers. The Graziella Bar is also a Pizzeria, serving traditional wood-oven cooked pizza’s, and pasta dishes. Typical dishes include: spaghetti with sea-fruits, Sicilian ‘penne’, or spaghetti with mussels.

Inside the bar, which has been fashioned out of an old fisherman’s building, visitors can admire the many photos of Vincenzo with al the VIPs who have passed through the bar.

Veduta del Bar Graziella

How to reach Graziella's Bar:

The bar is situated on the Corricella Port, at the end of the steps which form the Via San Rocco, which lead down to the Port from Piazza dei Martiri.


Marina Corricella

Vincenzo Piro

Foto inedita di Massimo Troisi sul set

La famosa granita " g r a t t a t  a"

Vincenzo Piro prepara il ghiaccio.

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